Sunday, April 01, 2007


Returning After A Spell On The Sidlines

Although a more accurate title would have to be 'returning due to finding myself unable to function intellectually or emotionally without writing something down occasionally the content of which requires a little more thought than the average shopping list.' Though that would have been a rather lengthy title even for the most verbosely loggerific. Go figure - hey! I'm riffing here, don't expect there not to be some outrageous liberties taken with language.

Firstly I need to address the subject of Blogger itself. Blogger as a tool to enable this therapeutic outpouring. The logging in process seems to be a little more long-winded. I've already forgotten how I did it and doubt whether I'll remember next time so this might be a case of now you see it, now you don't. Too many user names and passwords are bound to induce in me the old lethargy that kept me on the intellectually barren sidelines for so long. I may already be re-banishing myself there hardly making a decent shot at a return. No matter. Keep going for now.

Idleness is definitely overrated. Whoever said it was who said as we are wedged between two eternities of idleness there's no excuse for inaction now was on to something. Incidentally why do so many people insist on saying who was it that said - that! A person that, folk that, a brother, sister, wife, husband, lover, artist, mechanic, astro physicist ... that. It's definitely who, I only wish I could now explain the grammatical rule that determines the correct usage. Subject pronouns perhaps. Then again one is surly flirting with hubris taking the grammatical high ground about so ticklish a subject as grammatical rules and construction unless one happens to be a modern day Fowler or Onions.

This writing is so typical of someone writing on return with no real purpose except to get back in the writer's saddle and gallop around acres of meaningless just to feel the old comforts of giving expression to all the petty irritations and half baked observations that have been crowding the paddock of an abandoned mind. I have nothing to write but that doesn't mean I'm not going to.

Writing is fun. There I've said it. It's hard work but there is fun to be had. Well if not quite fun, at least evinces a kind of masochistic pleasure. Pleasure from, well, digging out a word like evince for example which looking again at it is perhaps a little squeezed out in testimony to all the Victorian novels I read back in the pre-Wireless, flat-wide-Earth of high-definition pods and sods of intellectually disposable distractions.

Oh this Blogger is so much better. Tgis is sublime. I've just clicked onto the spell checker. Gone now is that awful second screen of clumsy options and connection breaking all your work flushed down the cyber-chute into the worlds biggest lexicon sewer - now we have little click on automatic correction optionals. Superb. Ok it wants me to chose from 'calorific' to 'biographic' to replace the scandolusly invented L word, and dosen't recognise astro and rather po-facedly wants me to change it to 'Castro' ( no no Fidel you are not good enough to feature here) but this is a minor carping. This is good stuff.


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