Sunday, November 26, 2006


A Few Thoughts On An Unexpected Return

Just thought I'd pop by and test this new system. I wonder why they've changed it. I don't suppose it matters. I must start blogging again soon. I miss it. I miss the challenge of racking my brains to find something to write. But most of all I need to blog as I feel intellectually bereft when I feel I have something to write but have no forum, no means. Or certainly no means that means.

This need to get things down in writing is a strange one. It must be to do with helping to organise your thoughts, to validate them, to consider them with more depth and to enhance the real experiences you have through reliving them in the luxury of a greater intensity of thought.

Perhaps there are writers and non writers and there is no use denying what you are. Or we are all writers and only those who write know it, some people never taking the time to find out.

Interesting. Intriguing.

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