Friday, February 10, 2006


Words and Confidence.

There are words out there you wouldn't believe. Charivari apparently is the word used to describe the clatter pots and pans make. Now you didn't know that did you? Who would? Except someone like me who seems to thrive in the face of this kind of meaningless information. Strictly, to qualify as charivari, the cooking din farrago of the food lab we call the kitchen, the whistling, the spitting, the sizziling - the boiling of the water and the oil and the fat should also be included.

So, charivari. Once described as a concert of marrow bones and cleavers. Charivari. Sounds decidedly Italian. Italians love to cook, so it might be.

I have a dream image of myself one day having the nerve to get up and riff about a subject as random as the word and come across confident, funny, witty and amusing. It might be in answer to an impromtu requirment on a leadership course where trainees are forced to get up and talk off the cuff to demonstrate confidence and ability. Or in some social gathering where jollility is assured through knowledge and wit. Either way it remains something of a dream as I know that at the moment - given the opportunity, I would either refuse (not always an option) or die on my feet of exaggerated fright. At the moment that is just the way it is. So instead I'll riff about random things right here and see where that gets me. Things like finding obscure words like charivari.

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